Airbus A310 Cockpits, Profiles and Logos

Cockpits, Profiles and Logos

The A310 is a development of the Airbus A300 and was originally called the A300B10, and envisioned to be a smaller medium to long range version of the A300 and was intended to be a minimal change from the rest of the A300 family. However due to major changes required to fit the segment of market it was aimed at with new wings and undercarriage it was decided to launch the aircraft as a new model. The aircraft also had the same electronic flight-deck as the Airbus A300-600 so enabling pilots to have a common type rating and able to operate both models. The model was formally launched at the April 1978 Hanover Air Show and was to have a capacity of between 195 and 245 passengers. The prototype undertook its maiden flight on 3rd April 1982 and production continued until June 1998. The A310 entered service in April 1983 with Swissair. In total 255 aircraft were built.