Armstrong Whitworth Albemarle Profiles and Logos

Cockpits, Profiles and Logos

The Armstrong Whitworth Albemarle was designed as a British medium bomber first flying on 20th March 1940 but was found to be inferior to other medium bombers in service and was only used on two occasions. The aircraft was refitted as a transport, glider tug and paratroop aircraft, although it was withdrawn as transport due to the cramped interior. The aircraft gave sterling service as a tug and paratroop aircraft including on many special operations. The aircraft’s first operation in its new role was the invasion of Sicily and it went on to drop pathfinders on the night of 5/6 June 1944 during D-Day and dropping paratroops and towing gliders in the subsequent days. The aircraft also operated during Operation Market Garden where they towed Horsa and Waco gliders. In total 602 aircraft were delivered.