ATR 42 and 72 Cockpits, Profiles and Logos

Cockpits, Profiles and Logos

The ATR 72 is a twin engined turboprop produced by the French/Italian manufacturer Aerel da Trasporto Regionale or Avions de Transport Regional (ATR) a joint venture between Airbus and Leonardo S.p.a. There are two basicmodels the ATR42 and ATR 72, each named after the respective seating capacity. The ATR42 was the first aircraft to fly on 16th August 1984 with the ATR72 following on 25th September 1989. The aircraft share the majority of subsystemsand components. The aircraft initially had four bladed propellers but later versions have six bladed propellers, all built by Hamilton Standard. The aircraft is fitted with a glass cockpit from the -600 version onward. There area number of door configurations built, some with passenger doors fore and aft, others have no passenger door at the from, it being replaced by a cargo door.