Avro Lincoln Profiles and Logos

Profiles and Logos

The Avro Lincoln was designed to specification B.14/43 for an improved piston-engined heavy bomber to replace the Short Stirling, Handley Page Halifax and Avro Lancaster. Initially designated as the Lancaster IV & V the aircraft was developed from the Lancaster I but with numerous improvements including a stronger, longer span wing with a higher aspect ratio. The engines were upgraded Merlin 85s with two stage superchargers. The fuselage was also enlarged to allow the carriage of a greater bomb load. The aircraft had a greater range and higher operational ceiling than the Lancaster.

The prototype first flew on 9th June 1944 and entered service with 57 Squadron in August 1945, the aircraft went on to equip 29 RAF Squadrons also serving with 4 squadrons of the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) and the Argentine Air Force. The aircraft were used operationally Kenya and Malaysia serving with the RAAF until 1961, the RAF until 1963 and the in Argentina until 1967.

In total 604 aircraft were built.