Blackburn Beverley Passenger and Cargo aircraft, Profiles and Logos

Profiles and Logos

The Beverley was designed and built by General Aircraft as the GAL.60 Universal Freighter. The prototype was built at Feltham, Middlesex and transported to Brough in Yorkshire for its maiden flight on 20th June 1950. The prototype had Bristol Hercules engines and had a combination ramp and door. The second prototype and production aircraft were powered by Bristol Centaurus engines with reverse pitch propellers and the door and ramp was replaced by clamshell doors. The RAF placed an order for the aircraft in 1952 to be named the Beverley C.1. The main hold could accommodate bulk and wheeled freight as well as holding 94 troops with another 36 troops accommodated in the tail boom. At service entry it was the largest aircraft in the Royal Air Force. In all 49 aircraft were built.