Boulton Paul Defiant Profiles and Logos

Profiles and Logos

The Boulton Paul Defiant was designed to Air Ministry Specification F.9/35 which was for a two seat fighter with a powered gun turret. The prototype making it maiden flight on 11th August 1937. The first production defiant was delivered to No. 234 Squadron in December 1939 and was first deployed over the Dunkirk beaches on 12th May 1940. The aircraft looked like a Hurricane and the German pilots attacked from the rear and were met by the fire of the four machine guns. However the Luftwaffe pilots soon learnt to attack the aircraft head on or from below which caused large losses among the Defiants. The Defiant was changed to the night fighter role using the air intercept radar. In this role the aircraft shot down many enemy bombers. The aircraft was also modified to become a Target-tug, the last example leaving service on 27th February 1947.