Boeing Ch47 Chinook Flying FortressHeavy Cockpit, Profiles and Logos

Profiles and Logos

The Boeing CH47 Chinook is an American twin engined, tandem rotor heavy lift helicopter and was developed by the Vertol company with work starting in 1957 with the CH-46 Sea Knight. However the US Army sought a heavier transport and ordered a larger version of the CH-46, designated the CH-47 with the preproduction aircraft performing its maiden flight on 21st September 1961. The CH-47 entered service in 1962. The military version has been exported around the world with over 1,200 being built. The civil version is called the Boeing Vertol 234. Throughout its life the aircraft has been upgraded with stronger engines and fuselage, composite rotor blades and advanced flying controls and avionics. Capable of carrying loads internally or externally via its three external cargo hooks.