Douglas DC10 / MD11 Profiles and Logos

Profiles and Logos

The McDonnell Douglas DC10-30 is a three engine wide-body aircraft developed for medium to long haul routes and capable of carrying around 380 passengers. Three engines were chosen because of the requirement to fly over water and at the time of development twin engined aircraft were limited to 60 minutes from a suitable airport. The DC10 was intended to replace the DC8. The development was launched in 1968 as a direct competitor to the Lockheed L100 TriStar. The prototype made its maiden flight on 29th August 1970 and entered service with American Airlines on 5th August 1971. Initial service was had major issues including a number of accidents however the aircraft matured to be a reliable and safe aircraft. The -30 was the long range model with CF6-50 turbofans and larger fuel tanks as well as a set of rear centre landing gear.