de Havilland Comet Profiles and Logos

Profiles and Logos

The Comet was the worlds first commercial jet powered aircraft developed by de Havilland in the UK as the DH 106. The first version of the comet suffered from a number of accidents which required it to be withdrawn from service to be re engineered, this ultimately led to the Comet 4. The Comet 4 was developed from the Comet 3 (of which only 2 were built), having greater fuel capacity and having greater maximum speed, range and greater take-off weight. There were 3 versions of the Comet 4, the basic 4, the 4B featuring a 2m longer fuselage and shorter wingspan. The 4C had the wings of the 4 and the fuselage of the 4B. The last flight of a Comet was made on 14th March 1997 by a Comet 4C XS235. The Comet was also developed into the Nimrod maritime patrol aircraft which flew until 2011.