Locheed L1011 TriStar Passenger and Cargo aircraft, Profiles and Logos

Profiles and Logos

The Lockheed L1011 TriStar also known as the L-Ten-Eleven was a medium to long range wide body three engined aircraft designed to compete with the Boeing 747 and the McDonnell Douglas DC-10. It was designed to exclusively powered by the Rolls Royce RB211 advanced turbofan engine. Unfortunately the delays in the development of the RB211 nearly led to the demise of the aircraft, delaying its entrance into service. It was smaller than the 747 and it’s true competitor was the DC-10. Although more advanced than the DC10 it was outsold by its competitor and was the last civil airliner built by Lockheed. The -200 was the third production model of the TriStar with improved -524B engines more suited to the hot conditions of the Middle East. In all 249 TriStar aircraft were built.