ATR 42/72 family

The ATR 42 / 72 family of twin engined turboprops are designed for the regional airliner market and are built by ATR a French/Italian company owned by Airbus & Leonardo S.p.a.

ATR42-72-200 commuter airliner


Development of the ATR started in the 1980's when Aerospatiale (now part of Airbus) & Aeritalia (Now Leonardo) merged their work on a new generation of regional aircraft.

The first aircraft to be developed was the ATR 42, the smallest version of the family, designed to carry 42 passengers in standard configuration.

The first flight of an ATR 42-300 was on 16th August 1984 with the type entering service in December 1985. The first stretched version, the ATR 72, named, as you guessed because it carries 72 passengers in standard configuration first flew in 1989, starting service in October 1989.

The ATR 42 has a fuselage length of 22.67m (74ft 5in) and a wingspan of 24.57m (80ft 7in) whilst the ATR 72 has a fuselage length of 27.17m (89ft 2in) and has a wingspan of 27.05m (88ft 9in).

Early versions of the aircraft the ATR 42-100 & 200 and the ATR72-100 & -200 were powered by Pratt & Whitney Canada PW124B engines, The ATR 42-300 is powered by the PW 120 engines, and the ATR42-320 is powered by the PW121 engines giving better hot & high performance, all driving four bladed propellers. The ATR42-400 has the same engines but drives six bladed propellers. The ATR 72-212A is powered by either the PW127F or PW127M engines driving a six bladed propeller.

The ATR 42/72-600 is the newest version of the aircraft, the major differences being the upgrade of the cockpit to a full glass cockpit - there was an option of an EFIS fit on some earlier versions. The cockpit feature five wide LCD screens and is Required Navigation Performance capable. In December 2015 it was approved to raise the maximum capacity from 74 to 78 seats.

Total  sales (to Dec 2017):

ATR 42 - 449
ATR 72 - 1,044
Others, i.e. military - 203

Total: 1,696


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ATR 42 - 200/300/400

The ATR -200 was the prototype and only a few were built.

The ATR -300 was the standard production version of the aircraft, whilst the -320 has the more powerful PW121 engines with better performance, especially Hot & High.

The -400 is an upgraded -320 using six bladed propellers.


ATR 72 - 100/200

The first version of the ATR72 was the -100, although there were two versions, the -101 with front & rear passenger doors, and the -102 with a front cargo and rear passenger door.

The -200 had an enlarged cargo door and is powered by the PW127.

The -212A is powered by the PW127F or PW127M engines and introduced six bladed propellers.


ATR 42 - 500

The -500 is a further upgrade, the first of which was delivered during October 1995.

It has new engines, propeller and cabin. The engine is the PW127E rated at 2,400 shp, 600shp greater than the original PW120.

The newest versions having CATII approach capability and dual Honeywell FMS.


ATR 42/72 - 600

The -500 was launched in October 2007 using the same engine as the -500 but with 5% additional thrust.

The major change was a redesign of the flightdeck with five wide LCD screens with CATIII approach & RNP capability.

We do not have the -600 available at the moment but will be drawing it in the near future.


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Airbus ATR 42 72 -200 cockpit poster

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