Embraer EJet 170/175/190/195

The Embraer EJet family is a series of narrow body short to medium range jetliners built by Embraer of Brazil. The aircraft has four models in the original range and the E2 version is in development.

Embraer EJet cockpit poster


Embraer has been known for its commercial turboprop commuter aircraft since the 1970's and started studies of a new aircraft, the Emb 170 in 1995. Embraer initially was looking at a derivative of its successful ERJ 135 commuter aircraft, but this was abandoned in 1999 in favour of a new design.

The aircraft was rolled out on 29th October 2001 and the first flight was on 19th February 2002. The Ejets have 2+2 seating and the they are cleared to operate into noise sensitive airports as well as the steep approach such as London City.

There are four basic models, the base 170 and slightly stretched 175 and the 190 with the slightly stretched 195. The 170/175 are 95% common with each other. The 190/195 have different wings tail units and undercarriage. The 190 & 195 are 95% compatible.

The E170 entered service in March 2004 with LOT Polish airlines.

All aircraft in the range are powered by the same General Electric CF34 engine (the 170/175 with the -8E version and the 190/195 with the -10E version).  There is a business jet version called the Lineage 1000 which is based upon the E190 aircraft.

Total  sales (to Dec 2017):

E170 - 191
E175 - 603
E190 - 592
E195 - 169

Total: 1,555


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The 170 is the smallest version in the family and typically seats 72 passengers.

The 175 is 1.78m (5ft 10in) longer than the 170 and normally carries 78 passengers, although can carry a maximum of 88 passengers.



The 190 carries between 100 & 114 passengers, it is 36.24m (118ft 11in) long.

The 195 seats between 116 and 124 passengers and is 2.41m (7ft 11in) longer than the 190.



The SC (Special Configuration) is based on the 175 aircraft but limited to 70 seats to allow for the improved performance of the 175.


Ejet E2

The E2 is set to replace the original EJets with its first flight in May 2016 and entered service with Wideroe on 24th April 2018.

The aircraft uses Pratt & Whitney PW1000G turbofans.

There are three versions E175-E2, E190-E2 & E195-E2.


Cockpit Poster

Embraer EJet 179 175 190 195 cockpit poster

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