Armstrong Whitworth Argosy Profiles and Logos

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The Armstrong Whitworth AW650 Argosy was a British transport/cargo aircraft developed in the late 1950s to meet the demand for short haul air freight markets in Europe and America. At the time of development, no other aircraft had been developed for the market. The aircraft performed its maiden flight on 8th January 1959 with development completed during September 1960 and in December it received FAA type certification. 10 of the initial series 100 aircraft were built. The aircraft was further developed into the series 200 which had a redesigned wing including integral fuel tanks rather than the bag tanks of the original aircraft, enlarged cargo doors, a modified landing gear and more powerful engines.

There were 7 series 200 aircraft built. The aircraft was also developed into the AW660, also called the Argosy, for the RAF of which 56 were built.