Diamond DA62 Twin Aircraft Cockpit, Profiles and Logos

Cockpits, Profiles and Logos

The Diamond DA62 is a light twin aircraft produced by the Austrian manufacturer Diamond Aircraft. Development of the aircraft started in March 2012 with the announcement of the DA52 which first flew on 3 April 2012 and the name was changed to the DA62 in June 2014. The fuselage is based on the single engine DA50. The aircraft is powered by two Austro AE330 diesel engines that burn Jet A fuel, the same fuel as used by jet aircraft. The DA62 was granted EASA certification on 16 April 2015 and FAA certification on 23 February 2016 with the first production aircraft delivered in September 2015.

There are two weight versions, the 5 seat European version with a maximum take-off weight (MTOW) of 1,999Kg, thus coming in the light aircraft Air Traffic Control charge band, and the seven seat US version with a MTOW of 2,300Kg.