Fokker F28 Profiles and Logos

Cockpits, Profiles and Logos

The Fokker F28 is a short range jet airliner designed by the Dutch aircraft manufacturer Fokker in collaboration with MBB, Fokker-VFW and Short Brothers. The project was launched in 1962 and initially designed to carry 50 passengers which was later increased to 60 to 65 passengers. The configuration with tail mounted engines and T tail were to allow the aircraft to operate from unpaved airstrips, this also led to the engines not having reverse thrust capability.

Another unusual design feature was the large air-brake mounted in the tail which allowed rapid rates of descent and allowing higher thrust settings on approach, improving go-around performance. The prototype F28-1000 first flew on 9th May 1967 with the entry into service on 28th March 1969 with Braathens of Sweden. The stretched -2000 could seat 79 passengers and the further stretched -4000 could seat 85 passengers and had two overwing exits per side.

Production stopped in 1987 after 241 aircraft had been built.