Formed in Enid, Oklahoma, United States, Cessna was formed by Clyde Cessna who was the first person to build and fly their own aircraft between the Mississipi River and the Rocky Mountains. After bankers in Enid refused to lend him money to build his aircraft he moved to Wichita.

The company formally came about in 1927 when Clyde joined forces with Victor Roos to form the Cessna-Roos aircraft company. Roos sold his share to Cessna within one month. The first aircraft, the DC-6 w3as certified on 29th October 1929 - the day the stock market crashed and Cessna had to close its doors during the great depression.

However during this time the Cessna custom racer took its first flight in 1933 and set a new world speed record for engines smaller than 500 cu.in.

In 1934 Cessna's nephews, Dwaine and Dwight Wallace bought the company, introducing the C-37 in 1937.

In 1940 the company sold 33 T-50's to the U.S. Army and 180 to the Royal Canadian Air Force.

Cessna light aircraft


In 1946 Cessna returned to civilian production with the introduction of the Models 120 and 140. In a new approach to aircraft production Cessna introduced all metal aircraft built with dies and jigs rather than the hand built process prior to the war. The model 140 was named the "Outstand Plane of the Year" in 1948 by the US Flight Instructors Association.

The Cessna 172 was introduced in 1956 and was to become the most produced aircraft in history.

In 1963 Cessna produced its 50,000th aircarft, a 172.

The companies first Business Jet, the Citation made its first flight on 15th September 1969.

In 1975 Cessna produced its 100,000th single-engined airplane.

Cessna was purchased by General Dynamics in 1985 and was sold on to Textron in 1992


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Cessna 152 two seat light utility and trainer aircraft.

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