Airbus A220
The A220 commercial airliner started life as the Bombardier CSeries and is built in Canada by Airbus Canada. Launched in 2008 as two models, the CS100 and larger CS300. Sales initially were slow causing financial problems for Bombardier which led to the sale to Airbus in 2018. The models were renamed, the CS100 was renamed as the A220-100 and the CS300 as the A220-300.
Powered by the Pratt & Whitney PW1500G geared turbofan enginess and featuring a carbon fibre wing and fly-by-wire flying controls.
The CS100 entered service with Swiss on 15th July 2016 with the second customer being AirBaltic.
The A220 replaced the smaller A320 and B737 airliners with a more efficient aircraft.
The aircraft feature Rockwell Collins Pro Line avionics incorporating five 15.1in displays and also fitted with head-up displays.
A220-100 The -100 is the shorter version of the aircraft, being 115ft long and seating between 100 and 130 passengers. This is the smallest aircraft in the Airbus lineup.
A220-300 The -300 is 127ft long and can seat between 120 and 160 passengers. The -300 competes directly with the A319.
As of 2024, 902 aircraft had been ordered, the majority being the A220-300.