Concorde is an iconic Anglo Freanch aircraft as the only successful supersonic aircraft built by BAC of the UK and Aerospatiale of France. The aircraft was operated by British Airways and Air France.
Development started in 1962 with a first flight in 1969 and entry into service in 1976 and sadly the last flight was in 2003.
In total 20 aircraft were built, this included 6 prototypes and pre production aircraft and was only operated by two airlines.
Besides being the only successful supersonic airliner it was also the first airliner to have fly-by-wire controls and could cruise at Mach 2.
The aircraft was powered by four Rolls Royce / Snecma Olympus 593 reheating turbojets. The reheat being used only for take off and acceleration to supersonic flight. An interesting part of the design is the engines, turbojet engines cannot operate at supersonic speeds, the air entering the engine must be subsonic before it enters the compressor. In Concorde this was achieved using intake ramps that cause a restriction causing a shock wave at a point in the ramp, causing the airflow to slow. Also in the cruise approx. 80% of the thrust from the engines was from pressure differential, known as pressure thrust rather than from the conventional actual acceleration of the air entering the engine, this made the aircraft efficient in the cruise unlike its soviet rival the TU144.
The aircraft could carry up to 120 passengers in a single class layout.
There is a very good write up on the Concorde on Wikipedia at


The cockpit diagrams are drawn using visits to aircraft and simulators as well as from BAC and Aerospatiale documentation.

The images are vector graphics which means that they can be scaled up to real life size without loss of resolution. The poster print can be produced to full life size whilst maintaing full resolution. The digital downloads are in Adobe pdf format and are also vector format. The downloads can also be printed up to full life size.

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