Daher TBM940

The Daher TBM940 (formally Socata TBM) is a high performance low winged single engine turboprop utility aircraft developed by the French SOCATA company and American Mooney Aeroplane Company. The 940 was developed from the TBM 700 via the 850 and 900 series. The 900 series is powered by the Pratt and Whitney Canada PT6A-66D turboprop driving a five bladed propeller.
With a cruise speed of 330knots and a range of 1,700nm the aircraft has a very high performance. The avionics is the Garmin G3000 glass cockpit suite with touchscreens.
To date over 954 TBMs have been delivered.


The cockpit diagrams / training posters are drawn using visits to aircraft as well as from Daher documentation.

The images are vector graphics which means that they can be scaled up to real life size without loss of resolution. The prints can be produced to full life size whilst maintaing full resolution. The digital downloads are in Adobe pdf format and are also vector format. The downloads can also be printed up to full life size.

Prints are printed on high resolution tear resistant vinyl so that they can be adhered to substrates. Alternatively they can be printed on medium weight paper, folded down to A3 size for transport. Other types of printing media is also available on request - please contact us for details.

Please Note: The Digital download comes FREE with any printed poster order.


Paper Color White
Size A0 (1189 x 914mm) or Full Life Size
Weight Vinyl - 150mic, or 150gsm folded to A3
Manifacturer Cockpit Revolution