The Boeing Family
The Boeing family of jet airliners stretches from the initial Boeing 720 to the latest 777X, our range covers from the B737 to the 787, it also includes the 747, 757, 767 and the 777 with the 777X cockpit diagram in development.
Boeing 727Developed as a short haul aircraft using the 707 fuselage and three engines for over water capabilities.
Boeing 737 First flying in 1967, the 737-100 used a shortened Boeing 707 fuselage and two JT8D engines. It was designed as a short haul aircraft seating 85 aircraft. It was quickly realised that the -100 was too small, so the -200 was developed, this aircraft could seat 130 passengers. This aircraft is known as the 737 Original and a number are still flying.
Introduced in 1979 the 737 classic was an updated version of the aircraft powered by the CFM56 engine. Early versions of this aircraft had a conventional clockwork cockpit but a CRT "Glass" cockpit was quickly introduced. The classic range includes the 737-300 seating 126, 737-400 seating 147 and the 737-500 seating 110 passengers.
The next version of the 737 introduced was the Next Generation or NG first flying in 1995. This aircraft had an updated glass cockpit using LCDs and new wing introducing winglets on some aircraft. The 737-600 replaced the 737-500 and seating 123 to 130 passengers depending on the configuration, the 737-700 seats 140 passengers, the 737-800 175 and the 737-900 177 to 215.
The next and arguably the largest update was the MAX developed to compete with the A320NEO. This aircraft introduced a new more efficient engine, the LEAP-1B as well as aerodynamic improvements including split scimitar wingtips and a updated LCD glass cockpit. The MAX first flew in 2016 and was introduced into service in 2017. The MAX7 replaced the 737-700, the MAX8 the 737-800 and the MAX9 replaces the 737-900. The MAX10 is a longer stretch of the aircraft seating 230 passengers.


The cockpit diagrams are drawn using visits to aircraft and simulators as well as from Boeing documentation.
The images are vector graphics which means that they can be scaled up to real life size without loss of resolution. The prints can be produced to full life size whilst maintaing full resolution. The digital downloads are in Adobe pdf format and are also vector format. The downloads can also be printed up to full life size.
Prints are printed on high resolution tear resistant vinyl so that they can be adhered to substrates. Alternatively they can be printed on medium weight paper, folded down to A3 size for transport. Other types of printing media is also available on request - please contact us for details.
Please Note: The Digital download comes FREE with any printed poster order.
The training posters are high resolution and high quality.


Paper Color White
Size A0 (1189 x 914mm) or Full Life Size
Weight Vinyl - 150mic, or 150gsm folded to A3
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