The Airbus Family
The formation of Airbus can be traced back to the formation of Airbus Industrie in 1970 with its first product, the A300 first flying in 1972. The A300 was the worlds first twin-engined widebody airliner, typically seating 247 passengers. The A300 ceased production in 2007 after 561 aircraft were delivered.

The next aircraft to be produced was the A310, in effect a shorter version of the A300, first flying in 1982 and ceasing production in 1998 after 255 were delivered.

The next aircraft introduced was the worlds first fly-by-wire airliner, the A320 family. The A320 first flew in 1987 and over 18,460 of the family have been ordered. The A320 family consisted of the short fuselage A318, the A319, A320 and stretched A321. Initally powered by the CFM56 and IAE V2500 engines, the aircraft was re-engined as the NEO in 2016, powered by the CFM LEAP-1A or Pratt and Whitney PW1000G engines.

The long haul A330/340 aircraft were the next to be introduced, this family of aircraft consisted of the A330 twin engined medium haul wide-body aircraft and the four engined long haul A340, both aircraft use the same fuselages. 1,598 A330s have been ordered to date with the re-engined A330NEO being the current updated version. 377 A340 aircraft were delivered before production ceased in 2011.

The next aircraft produced was the worlds largest current airliner, the A380 of which 251 were delivered before production ceased in 2022.

Originally designed as a replacement for the A330/240 family, the A350 was introduced in 2013 and to date 1,277 have been ordered.

Bombardier designed the C-Series as a rival for the smaller versions of the A320, especially the A318 and 319 and the aircraft first flew in 2013. Airbus bought the production rights to the C-Series and renamed it the A220.


The cockpit diagrams / training posters are drawn using visits to aircraft and simulators as well as from Airbus documentation.

The images are vector graphics which means that they can be scaled up to real life size without loss of resolution. The prints can be produced to full life size whilst maintaing full resolution. The digital downloads are in Adobe pdf format and are also vector format. The downloads can also be printed up to full life size.

Prints are printed on high resolution tear resistant vinyl so that they can be adhered to substrates. Alternatively they can be printed on medium weight paper, folded down to A3 size for transport. Other types of printing media is also available on request - please contact us for details.

Please Note: The Digital download comes FREE with any printed poster order.


Paper Color White
Size A0 (1189 x 914mm) or Full Life Size
Weight Vinyl - 150mic, or 150gsm folded to A3
Manifacturer Cockpit Revolution