The ATR Family
Avions de Transport Regional (ATR) s a Franco-Italian regional aircraft manufacturer based in Blagnac, France.
The first aircraft designed by the consortium was the ATR 42 which first flew in 1984. The aircraft was a twin turbo-prop with a seating capacity of 42 passengers, hence the name. The firt airline to fly the aircraft was Air Littoral in 1985. Demand for an enlarged aircraft was such that the ATR72 with 72 seats was developed, this aircraft was delivered to Finnair in 1989.
Confusingly the ATR42-300 was the first model powered by two PW120 engines, the updated -320 powered by more powerful PW121 engines was introduced in 1990. The ATR72-100 was the first version of the ATR72. The cockpits of the ATR-300/320/500 and ATR72-100 are identical except for the fuel gauge as the ATR72 has greater fuel capacity.
The ATR72-200 and -500 series also had an identical flightdeck, the changes being to the fuselage and engine variations of the PW120 series engines.
The ATR42-600 and ATR72-600 are the upgraded versions of the aircraft introduced in 2007, they feature more powerful PW127M engines and a new glass cockpit with larger LCD displays, again the ATR42 and ATR72-600 cockpits are identical. The first aircraft flew in 2010.


The cockpit diagrams are drawn using visits to aircraft and simulators as well as from ATR documentation.
The images are vector graphics which means that they can be scaled up to real life size without loss of resolution. The prints can be produced to full life size whilst maintaing full resolution. The digital downloads are in Adobe pdf format and are also vector format. The downloads can also be printed up to full life size.
Prints are printed on high resolution tear resistant vinyl so that they can be adhered to substrates. Alternatively they can be printed on medium weight paper, folded down to A3 size for transport. Other types of printing media is also available on request - please contact us for details.
Please Note: The Digital download comes FREE with any printed poster order.
The training posters are high resolution and high quality.


Paper Color White
Size A0 (1189 x 914mm) or Full Life Size
Weight Vinyl - 150mic, or 150gsm folded to A3
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