Airbus A320 family

The Airbus A320 family consists of the A318, A319, A320 & A321, all models except the A318 have CEO (Conventional Engine Option) & NEO (New Engine Option) versions. The A320 was the worlds first Fly-by-Wire airliner.

Airbus A320 cockpit poster


The A320 was the third aircraft in the Airbus family after the A300 & A310. The aircraft was designed as a short to medium haul aircraft. The A320, the base model of the family, was launched in March 1984 and first flew on 22nd February 1987. The first delivery was to Air France in March 1988, the family was then extended to the stretched A321 (first delivered 1994), then the shortened A319 and further shortened A318.

The A319, A320 & A321 are all powered by the CFM-56 and IAE V2500 with the A318 being powered by the de-rated CFM-56 or the Pratt & Whitney PW6000.

The A318 has not sold well and has been discontinued.

Total  sales (to Dec 2017):

A318 - 80
A319 - 1,484
A320 - 4,798
A321 - 1,798

Total: 8,125

In 2011 Airbus launched the A320 NEO (New Engine Option) family, the old models being renamed CEO (Current Engine Option). As the name suggests, the main difference between the CEO and NEO are new engines, the aircraft being powered by the CFM LEAP-1A and Pratt & Whitney PW1100G. The other main changes are aerodynamic with the installation of "Sharklet" blended winglets.

The cockpit of the NEO is the same as the CEO.


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The A318 is the smallest version of the family, being 0.79m shorter than the A320 forward of the wing and 1.6m behind. First flown on 15th January 2002  and the first delivery was to Frontier Airlines on 22nd July 2003. Powered by the CFM56-5B or PW6000A. The aircraft can seat 136 passengers.

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Shrunk from the original A320, the A319 first flew on 25th August 1995. First delivery was to Swissair on 25th April 1996. The aircraft can carry a maximum of 160 passengers and is powered by CFM56-5B's or the IAE V2500.

The cockpit of the A319 is the same as the A320.


The original aircraft of the family and was the worlds first fly-by-wire passenger aircraft. It was first rolled out on 14th February 1987 and flew for the first time on 22nd February, the first aircraft being delivered to Air France on 28th March 1998. The aircraft can seat a maximum of 195 passengers and is powered by the CFM56-5B or IAE V2500. 


The A321 is a stretch of the A320 being 6,94m longer. The aircraft first flew on 11 March 1993 and was delivered to Lufthansa on 27th January 1994. The aircraft is powered by CFM56-5B's or IAE V2500's. The aircraft can carry 230 passengers. The main visual difference besides being longer is that the A321 has exit doors fore and aft of the wing.

The cockpit of the A321 is the same as the A320.

A320 Cockpit Poster

Airbus A320-200 Cockpit Poster

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