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The Airbus A380 is the worlds largest airliner, capable of carrying a maximum of 868 passengers, although typically it carries 544 in a 4 class layout.

Airbus A380 cockpit poster


The A380 is a double decker wide body 4 engined aircraft designed for high density routes and is manufactured in Europe by Airbus. Unlike the Boeing 747, the A380's upper deck extends across the entire length of the fuselage.

The development of the A380 started in mid 1988 when Airbus began studies of a ultra-high-capacity airliner, mainly to break the dominance that Boeing with the 747 enjoyed in that market. The project was announced at the 1990 Farnborough airshow and was called the A3XX and was formally launched on 19th December 2000. The aircraft configuration was finalized in early 2001 and the manufacturing started on 23 January 2003.

There were a number of delays in the development of the aircraft, mainly caused by the 550km of wiring in each aircraft. Originally there were to be two versions of the A380, the passenger aircraft and a cargo aircraft, the A380F but due to delays in development and few orders, the A380F was cancelled.

The aircraft eventually entered service on 25th October 2007 with Singapore Airlines on a flight between Singapore and Sydney, Australia. 13 airlines operate the A380 but by far the largest operator is Emirates with 162 ordered and 102 in service, with more orders on the way.

The A380 is powered by either the Rolls Royce Trent 900 or Engines Alliance (GE & P&W) GP7000.

Total  sales (to Mar 2018):

A380: 331

Total: 331

The A380 has not sold as well as expected with no orders to date from North American operators, there were rumours of the end of production of the aircraft, but this was not announced as Emirates ordered more aircraft, further expanding the massive fleet.


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This was to be the cargo version of the aircraft, offering the largest payload capacity of any cargo aircraft in production, it is only exceeded by the Antonov An-225 Mriya, of which there is only one!.

The maximum payload was to have been 150t (330,000lb over 5,600nm (10,400km)


An enlarged version of the aircraft, the -900 was proposed in 2007 and would of had a seating capacity of 650 in standard configuration and around 900 in all economy.

Due to production problems with the base aircraft, development was postponed although it is still talked about at Airbus.


Studies have looked at a re engined version of the A380, called the NEO, or New Engine Option featuring a new engine from Rolls Royce and an improved wing. Emirates were a driving force in the requirement to develop the NEO but it was announced in 2017 that the NEO had no business case on so would not go ahead.


At the Paris Airshow in June 2017, Airbus announced the A380plus, this is an enhanced version of the original aircraft with up to 80 more seats in standard configuration by the better use of space and split scimitar wing-tips giving 4% better fuel burn. The propose aircraft would give 13% lower seat mile costs.

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Airbus A380 Cockpit Poster

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