ATR - Avions de transport regional

ATR is a Franco-Italian aircraft manufacturer based in Toulouse, France. ATR produces the ATR 42 and 72 turboprop commuter aircraft which have sold over 1,500 aircraft to more than 200 operators in more than 100 countries.

ATR 72 of Aer Arran


The ATR was launched on the 4th November 1981 with the ATR 42 aircraft which was to be powered by 2 x Pratt & Whitney PW120 engines. The larger ATR was launched on 15th January 1986.

Total Sales: 1,700


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The original aircraft model. The ATR 42 typically seats between 40 and 52 passengers. The aircraft first flew on 16th August 1984. The -200 was the original aircraft but only a few were built for test purposes.

The -300 was the standard production version, the -320 had upgraded PW121 engines giving better hot and high conditions. The -400 had the same engines but six bladed propellers rather than the four on the original aircraft.

The -500 was the last of the original aircraft model having upgraded PW127E engines, propellers and cabin. Due to the new propellers the aircraft cabin was quieter.



The -600 was launched during October 2007 and features PW127M engines with 5% more power.

There was a major change in the cockpit where a glass cockpit was introduced providing CAT III and Required Navigation Capability (RNAV).

The cabin was also redesigned with lighter seats and larger overhead bins. The -600 is actually known as the -500 Mod 5948 and not as a different model.

There are also two cargo versions, the tube used for bulk cargo and the ULD version with a large cargo door.



The 72 is the larger version of the aircraft seating between 72 and 78 passengers. The 72 has a 4.5m (15ft) longer fuselage, 2.52m (8ft2in) greater wingspan and upgraded PW124B engines.

The aircraft’s first flight was on 25th September 1989 and delivered to Finair one month later.

The ATR42 & 72 share the same production line and have many common components.

-100 was the original model and had two sub versions, the 101 with front and rear passenger doors and the 102 with front cargo door and rear passenger door.



The -600 was launched at the same time as the ATR42-600 and has the same improvements.


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ATR 72-500 of Mount Cook Airlines - Profile Print

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